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Why Justin & Andy's 'House Flipping Formula' is 
The World's Best Real Estate Program You'll Ever Find!
" I found myself at a dead end job and not much savings in the bank 15 months with a newly wed wife, and a baby on the way. I was interested in flipping/wholesaling houses but didn't know where to begin. Since that time I have closed on almost 30 wholesale transactions and this week we closed on a total of 4 wholesale deals for a total of $67,000 in wholesale fees. I can't thank Justin and Andy enough and am very excited and am looking forward to what the future holds for me and my family."    Steven W. - Utah
"Since joining Justin's program my business has taken off tremendously. In the past year I have rehabbed over 12 homes for $750,000 in total net profit. I am currently in the process of rehabbing my dream home on the gulf of Mexico!"
Jerry R. - Florida
I wanted to take my business to the next level, from a hobby, to investing full time as a successful business that runs itself.  Justin and Andy answer every single question in the forum.  That blows me away, because you rarely see someone as high status as Justin and Andy taking the time to answer your questions.  They're like a coach that cheers you on and pushed you to get out of the paralyzing fear stage and into taking action.  I'm very excited for what the future holds for me in this business!
Lauren H. - California
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your Real Estate Business... but do you know which adjustments you need to make?
How Fast You Can GrowYour House Flipping Business...
When It's "Right..."
You could literally be just a few steps away from making 6 - 7 Figures A Year...In Your Real Estate Business!
In 2010, I purchased 12 rental properties but soon ran out of cash, so I sold 4 of them and something incredible happened, I made enough money to live on for an entire year!
Then I had my "ah ha" moment and things got REALLY exciting and soon I began flipping 4 houses every month and before I  knew it, I was buying 100 houses a year and my life was forever changed!

We went from $4k a month to over $80k a month almost overnight...
From A Total House Flipping Newbie...To 2 Deals In 90 Days...!
Get Your Questions Answered 24 Hours A Day In Your 
Here's a quick overview of what's covered in this training program...
How to find killer deals...!
(many of the best deals are NOT on the MLS)...
I'll share my secrets for analyzing deals to ensure you’ll make a profit (98% of the “gurus” don’t teach this)...
How to get funding the easy way (you DON’T need to use your own money)...
I'll teach you my secrets to hands-off rehabbing (you don’t have to know how to fix anything)…
How to sell your properties for MAXIMUM profit (most flippers get this part wrong)…
How to wholesale houses to reduce your risk and start making money fast...
How to systematize your business so your business works for you (free up your time to do what you love)...
And much, much more...!!
Steven's Story
Lauren's Story
Jeff's Story
Kate's Story
Jerry's Story
Dave's Story
Full Training Course
($2997 Value)
Over 28 hours of training videos, plus "deep dive" articles, audio recordings, and more than 15 hours of past coaching calls!
Live Coaching Calls
($3997 Value)
Every month, Justin and Andy hold a live group coaching call for all members. Anything goes... ask tough questions and get expert answers!
Mastermind Forum
($1997 Value)
Get daily tips, feedback, and answers from Justin, Andy, and other members of the group in our private Facebook forum. Great for urgent questions!
Legal Document Library
($997 Value)
See the actual contracts and forms we use, and use them yourself! Sale contracts, notes, deeds, marketing documents, mailers, and more!
PlusYou'll Also Get All Of These 
4 Masterclasses With Top Real Estate Pros!!
These Classes Are Taught By Real Estate Masters Who Lay It All Out There and Tell You Exactly What They Are Doing In Their Real Estate Business Today!
FREE TICKET To Our Upcoming 
                3 Day Seminar!
(October 2016) - For 3 whole days, we're going to bring in top real estate investing pros to share exactly what they're doing to crush it in this business... it's going to be awesome!
A Word Of Warning...
"I want to flip houses, but I don't know where to begin."

I hear this all the time. When you're new to this business, flipping houses can seem complicated and maybe even a little scary.

If you're reading this, you're probably trying to decide whether House Flipping Formula is the best way to get started flipping houses.

My reply to that is "Yes, it is." But having said that, let me be very clear...

This program is not for everyone.
This program is NOT for you if...
  • You’re unwilling to take action or participate (I can’t FORCE you to succeed… that part is up to you)…
  • You’re looking for the next “get rich quick” scheme and don't want to do any real work (house flipping is a serious business, not a gimmick)…
  • You’re disrespectful to others (this business is about relationships, and the integrity of this community is very important to me)…
  • You’re down and out, and you don’t know where your next meal is coming from (if that's the case, focus on taking care of yourself first)…
On the flip side, this program is GREAT for you if...
  • You want to take control of your financial life and be your own boss…
  • You’re willing to learn, listen to advice, take action, and do what it takes to succeed…
That’s all there is to it… Andy and I will teach you the rest.
You DON’T need to have money to invest. You DON’T need to be a contractor or know how to fix houses (I can barely screw in a lightbulb).
You just need to be willing to learn and take action.

So if you feel this is for you, click the button below and sign up today! Let's DO this! :)
- Justin Williams
The House Flipping King
When I started investing in real estate, I was scared. I had already had a failed business before and didn't want my wife to have to go back to teaching in order to support our family.  
But I was scared! Scared of the unknown. Scared to take the leap. Scared of failing. Yet my desire for freedom was so strong, I decided to take the leap.

Well, things didn't go exactly according to plan. After 6 months of hard work and spending about $20,000 on education from a guru who promised the world, and gave me very little in return I still had nothing to show for it, and started to wonder if my dreams of creating a life of abundance for me and my family were just a mere fantasy.  

But I had not choice, I had to make this work. There weren't any other options. Then finally it happened. We closed on our first deal and made a $17,000 profit! We soon came to the point where we were able to do about a deal a month and we felt like we were on top of the world! We were living the dream!  

Then in 2010 we moved, the market was changing, and the way we were doing transactions just wasn't working the same so we had to make some changes, and needless to say that year was a very tough year for us.

I decided to start buying rental properties with a goal of buying 50 so we could produce enough income to pay our monthly expenses and get out of the "rat race" and become "financially free." 

We purchased 12 rental properties and life was good. However when I went to buy property number 13, we and our investors were completely out of money. Since the rental properties weren't yet bringing in much income, and we weren't sure how we were going to be able to pay our bills, we were left with no choice but to sell 4 of the houses. 

However when we sold those 4 houses something INCREDIBLE happened! Not only were our returns MUCH higher than they were from the rental properties but we made enough money to pay for ALL of our expenses for the next 12 months! 

For the first time I knew what it was like to be financially free for an entire year, and it felt good!  

Then I had my "ah ha" moment! What if we could do that ever month? What if we could make more money than we would need for an entire year EVERY SINGLE month! and what if we could do it with systems that would work for us rather than us doing all the work ourselves? So that is what became my main focus, and in 2011 we ended up flipping 60 houses and our life was forever changed!  

Since that time we have been flipping over 100 houses a year and have created systems that allow this machine to work for us so I can focus on spending more time with my family and doing the things I love.  

I still remember that day when I had my breakthrough. I'll never forget the feeling I had when I realized my life would be forever changed and I could call my own shots.  

There is nothing like that feeling of FREEDOM!
The Wholesaling King
Andy McFarland has been a full time investor for over 11 years and has done well over 500 real estate transactions.  Including 160 transactions in 2015.  

Andy came aboard the House Flipping Formula team early last year and has been an incredible asset to the House Flipping Formula program ever since.

Andy is currently wholesaling and flipping houses in 3 different states. And has mastered automating a multi-million dollar wholesaling business.

The only thing he loves more than real estate is helping others learn it for themselves, so they can have the freedom and life they want too. 
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